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Easy Ways to Get Your ESTA Visa Approved

Getting an ESTA visa is necessary if you are thinking of visiting USA. Having an ESTA visa will no longer require you to apply for other visas to enter the country.

To start applying for an ESTA, you have complete the requirements first. Once you have the requirements on-hand, it will be easier for you to go through the next steps. Once you have the requirements, you can now search for webpages that process ESTA applications. The best thing about ESTA visa is that it never expires and it is accepted in the US. You will have bigger chances of getting into the country if you are an ESTA visa holder.

Factors that Affect Your ESTA Application

Always remember that not all countries are subscribed to ESTA visa programs.

The maximum duration of ESTA visa is only 90 days so if you have plans to stay in the US for than that, an ESTA visa is not for you. Other than that, the chances for getting approved in your visa application increase based on the reason behind your trip. An important information that should be filled up in your application form is the reason of your trip.

Prior to submitting any request for ESTA visa, an important requirement is your passport. Your passport should be machine readable for easy processing of your application.

If you already have your requirements ready, you should start looking for a website that accepts ESTA visa applications. Most immigration agencies already have their own websites for more convenient processing. You can check ESTA websites to know which ones are authorized to handle visa applications.

Once you have submitted your application form, you will immediately get a priority number. You need the priority number in order to get a lot for an interview with an immigration officer. For first timers, there are various security questions that need responding. Remember that you will be refused with a visa if you fail to answer the security questions correctly. You should know that your application does not end with the approval of your visa.

For a better chance of approval for you visa application, you must prepare a number of things beforehand. One of the most important things you should have is your passport. To give the officer an assurance that you are just staying in America for less than 3 months, you need to book a round trip ticket first. To prove your financial stability, you will need to bring your bank statement. You can check on the ESTA status of your application through the same website you applied it from.

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